Service 2240™

What does Service 2240™ mean at Linchpin People®?

Linchpin People® is a faith-friendly company. We’re intentionally building a culture that is designed to encourage our team to incorporate faith into all aspects of their lives, including their professions.  We think that business should include a purpose that goes beyond simply making money. This might sound different, but when Linchpin was founded, it was decided to build a company that is designed to honor God. This is infused in everything that we try to do in business. We’re not perfect, and we definitely make mistakes, but we are building Linchpin People® upon these principles.

4 Core Principles:
To Honor God in All We Do
To Help People Develop
To Pursue Excellence
To Grow Profitably

service 2240 rev2

All these principles can be summarized into what we call Service 2240™.  It’s based upon Matthew 22 verses 37-40 from the Bible.  Jesus says that the two most important commandments are to love God with all of your heart and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself.  Who is our neighbor? Everyone. Our desire is to serve the needs of others as much or more than our needs or the needs of Linchpin People®. Again, we’ll make mistakes but that’s how we try to treat our team, partners, customers, and every members of the Microsoft community that we work with.

Some people at Linchpin have similar views on faith, and some don’t.  Anyone can prosper at Linchpin People®, no matter what their faith or beliefs, as long as they agree that our business can be much more than databases and dollars.

The Soul of The Firm

Our inspiration for these principles come from a book, The Soul of the Firm, which is about Services Masters, a Fortune 1000 privately held company. It describes their belief that their focus on putting others first including customers and employees is the driving reason for their success. The 4 principles listed above are carved in 4 foot high letters on a granite wall in their corporate headquarters that stretches more than 90 feet and is 18 feet high. The founders of Linchpin People® aspire to build a company dedicated to those same principles.