job posting happy fitLinchpin Recruit is a hand-crafted placement service that helps amazing people and awesome companies find each other.  We focus on the needs of companies and professionals within the Microsoft data and development ecosystem. The key is matching the right person to the right job at the right time. Over the years, we have had a lot of success placing candidates, and Linchpin Recruiting is our polished platform for turning our match-making skills into yet another way we can benefit you and your company.

Are we a regular recruiting company?

We’re a technology company first and a recruiting company second.  We’re not a recruiting factory that tries to be all things to all people.  This doesn’t mean that we’re not awesome at this side of our business. It just means, well, that most recruiters who specialize in technology don’t actually know the specifics about the technology they recruit for. We believe our model produces better outcomes for candidates and companies.

Looking for a new opportunity? Benefits for Microsoft Professionals:

Are you a Microsoft professional who is open to new opportunities, testing the waters to see what jobs are available, or actively looking for your next SQL gig?  At Linchpin People® we know what you do. We understand your job. We understand the next opportunity that you want. The Linchpin Recruit team includes some of the top Microsoft database and development experts in the world. We’re one of you. This knowledge and experience gives us the ability to help you in ways that most unspecialized recruiters cannot.

Have you ever been burned when your current job found out you were looking for another opportunity, because the recruiter was less circumspect than they should have been?  Have you ever had to sit through an interview for a position that doesn’t even match your skill set? We know how you feel.

You have our promise that we will value your time by only putting you in front of companies that are a good fit for you. We also promise to uphold the highest levels of confidentiality so we won’t compromise your current position.

Looking for the best people? Benefits for companies:

Is your company looking for the best of the best SQL professionals? Recruiting in this space is a bit of a shell game, and requires insider knowledge. Most highly qualified Microsoft database and development professionals are fully employed, and are not actively looking for other opportunities. When they do move, it’s often with no gap in employment. The truth is most Microsoft geeks have jobs if they want them. So how do we find qualified people that other recruiting firms can’t?

At Linchpin People® our model is built on trust.  Data and development professionals trust us because of our reputation in the industry. We’re working on building the biggest and best database of well qualified SQL Server focused pros in the world. Our goal is to match them to awesome opportunities when the right matches come along. We’re not worried about volume. We’re focused on quality. We are building relationships before any needs arise, so that your company can benefit when the time is right, and find the best people for the best opportunities.

Can’t regular recruiters do this?

Nope. Here are a few reasons.

  • Most recruiters aren’t specialized enough to know these needs.
  • Most data pros don’t want to waste their time with typical recruiters that may waste their time.

What about companies that do their own internal recruiting?

Don’t hate us for saying this but most companies don’t actually know how to hire database pros. Often you’re looking for what we call a data unicorn. It’s something that doesn’t exist. You want a DBA that knows every buzzword, every programming or data base language, and is basically an expert in everything. Most companies also need to look at compensation in terms of what this highly competitive market will bear not just what you are willing to pay.

The Linchpin Recruit team will work with your internal HR team to build an accurate, realistic, detailed job description, and ensure that you’re competitive in the market. We will then help you find a great candidate that meets the actual specifications of the job, and matches your company culture.

How much we do charge?

Our service is free to candidates. We typically ask for 20% of the first year salary for companies who retain us. Our company retainers are always non-exclusive. You can work with us as well as any other recruiting agencies you might choose.