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1) Experts across the entire Microsoft Data Platform.
2) The sense of liberation knowing your data is working for you.
e.g.: Linchping People can help with AnythingSQL.

You may have run across consulting companies over the years that say ‘sure, we can help with that’, no matter what the database problem entails.  Companies like that are comfortable stretching the truth of their capabilities to land a deal. We’re not willing to give a false perception, but, it’s still true that we can help with AnythingSQL. But isn’t that preposterous?

Our founders and core team have been doing SQL server work for 20 + years. Combined, we have decades of experience with Microsoft SQL Server.  Our rolodex includes pretty much anyone and everyone in the SQL community who is well known and awesome at what they do. Linchpin people isn’t just the best of the best though, we also keep an eye on the rising stars, who are awesome at what they do, but just not so famous yet.


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We have deep knowledge of the entire Microsoft data ecosystem. That’s not to say that everyone is an expert in everything, but we have experts, or can find them quickly, for every nook and cranny of the SQL Server world no matter what the need is. Again, AnythingSQL.

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Sometimes our core and extended team might be busy and we might not be able to help in a timely manner. Here is a promise from the company and a personal promise from Andy and Brian. Linchpin People will never say ‘here is an expert’ if it’s not true.

Don’t believe us? Give us a try. Kick our tires. We will prove that we’re the only SQL Server Company you need to work with from now on.