Linchpin People® partners with a number of companies to consult or resell their products and offer compelling services on top of their core offerings. Some of our leading partners include Tegile, kCura, Varigence, and of course Microsoft. In many cases we are leveraging our decades of SQL Server knowledge to help our partners and their customers make the most of their investment in the SQL Server ecosystem.



“We are in an era of unprecedented change. As technology evolves, so do customers’ needs.  The opportunities that cloud computing, consumerization of IT and the connected enterprise present are substantial.  Translating tools, learning and relationships into business value are central to Microsoft strategy. In today’s competitive environment, a Microsoft silver competency can help set your company apart from the competition by demonstrating a specific, proven skill set to your customers. ”

Being part of the Microsoft Partner Network with a Silver competencies represent consistent capability, expertise, and commitment.  At Linchpin People® we employ many Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) who have all met certain exam or certification requirements. We also have numerous customer references that feature how, within the previous 12 months, Linchpin People® has provided solutions based on the products and technologies associated with Microsoft core competency. See how our expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem can help your company.



  • Need improved SQL performance because of larger case loads?
  • Need help scaling out because of larger data sets?
  • Have searches that are taking 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds?
  • Have a discovery deadline rapidly approaching?
  • Have a multi-million dollar litigation on the line?

Whether you’re a law firm or hosting provider, Linchpin People® can help!

We are database coaches and wellness experts for the Microsoft ecosystem.  We have experience with very large Relativity systems, and our team includes many of the best SQL Server experts in the world. We are focused on helping companies be successful as they use SQL Server.

Linchpin People® can ensure that you avoid critical performance problems in your Relativity systems before they happen. We can also quickly assist as you triage performance and other database problems in the midst of an emergency.

WellDBA™ for Relativity

  • Performance Tuning
  • System Health Check
  • Root Cause Analysis

WellDBA™ Exam – just like it sounds – a thorough examination of your SQL Server environment. Over 80 points are checked as we look over the health and wellness of your instances, including, settings, performance, and how they are being managed. We search for the critical issues you are suffering from now, and we ask you questions, talk to your team and identify potential future problems or roadblocks. We make sure that your SQL Server environment is lined up properly for the future you expect out of it.


Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of flash-driven enterprise storage arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtualization, file services and database applications.

Tegile products allows you to accelerate, simplify and protect valuable SQL Server Databases. With their Microsoft® Certified solutions for SQL Server®, they can deliver consistently low latencies while providing the right amount of IOPs for the right workloads. Linchpin People partners with companies like Tegile to leverage technologies that help improve:

  • Data Warehouse Acceleration
  • OLTP Acceleration
  • Mixed Data Types
  • Snapshots and Clones
  • Deduplication for SQL Server workloads
  • Highly Available and Integrated Servers


Varigence software provides clients with efficient methods for developing, managing, and using Microsoft business intelligence solutions.  With due respect to Frederick Brooks, Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) is a data integration silver bullet.

Linchpin People’s Data Integration Group (DIG) uses Mist – Varigence’s business intelligence integrated development environment – to reduce development time while improving deliverable quality. For example, one DIG team member recently delivered a staging solution for over 80 tables and views. A data integration developer typically needs 1-2 hours to develop a single SSIS package. Since the packages were built from the same metadata, the developer unit-tested a few packages; and then performed an integration test to make sure they executed without error. All of this, development and testing, was accomplished in under four hours.

Biml is almost magic. Managing Biml with Mist & Linchpin People® is magic.