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Members of Linchpin People’s Data Integration Group (DIG) recently hosted a live Q&A webinar on the topic: Is Biml Right For You? Didn’t make it to the event? No problem – we recorded it!

Linchpin People Biml Office Hours from Linchpin People on Vimeo.

DIG took questions from participants and answered them. Most questions were answered in real-time during the event. Tim Mitchell led the discussion with an opening demo of Biml basics. Kaia Tingley, Kent Bradshaw, and Andy Leonard provided supporting commentary and answered questions. A sample of the questions answered:

  • I need to use Change Data Capture to hourly sync data from on-premise to cloud. Can BIML help speed up the CDC portions of the project?
  • Can Biml generate names for tasks and DFL components to match the tables or operations? Or, does it only use standard names?  e.g. can Biml generate the name “DFL Load Mytable” instead of “Data Flow Task”?
  • Is there a best practice to keep intellisense working in BIDS Helper?
  • Does BIML support third-party products? eg Attunity, Cozy Roc?
  • Is it possible to include a file that contains code I want to use over several different datasets, but in one package?
  • Can you build expressions into tasks using BIML, say to generate a SQL statement?
  • Can you reverse engineer a Biml project from an existing SSIS package?

For information on upcoming Office Hours webinars, check out the Linchpin People Events Calendar!


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