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Linchpin People is blowing out the candles on our virtual birthday cake! Today, April 11, 2014 Linchpin People turns 3 years old! We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some thoughts as we look back over the past 3 years.

Happy 3rd birthday Linchpin! Here’s to many more!!

Click on a name below to read each team members thoughts and birthday wishes! 

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A year ago when Andy first approached me about starting an independent consulting practice and working with Linchpin People, I was skeptical.  Although I trusted and respected him and the other folks at Linchpin, I had a secure full-time job with a great company, which made it hard to consider making that move.  The more we talked, though, the more excited I got about the freedom and growth opportunity the Linchpin model offered.  I finally made the move in the summer of last year, joining up with Andy and a half-dozen other rockstar consultants to work on my largest project to date.

In my time working with Linchpin, I’ve bonded with a new family.  We work hard and play hard together.  We develop awesome solutions together.  Often we laugh, sometimes we disagree, and occasionally we argue.  But at the end of the day, we take care of each other, as families do.  We do great things together, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.
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I believe God exists and that He interacts with humanity, even nowadays. That’s how Linchpin People got started, God led me to call Brian and ask him if he would start a consulting company with me. I was so honored when Brian said “Yes!” We invested a lot of time on culture early on – we were and have remained intentional about Linchpin People’s culture.

I am amazed at the people – the Linchpins – of Linchpin People. I love being part of this team and look forward to each and every time we get to meet in person at events, conferences, and client sites.

Happy Birthday, Linchpin People! :{>
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Three years ago Andy emailed me and said “You might think I’m crazy, but I think God wants me to start a business with you.” That’s how Linchpin People got started. We decided to build a company that was people centered and that was designed to honor God. You can read more about that here. I know we’re not perfect at either goal, but we try and trying always puts a smile on my face.

We’ve served more than 60 customers over the past 3 years and have been blessed with amazing team. I am thankful for so much.

Linchpin People is the second company I’ve cofounded. My goal the first time around was to conquer the world.  This time my goal is to have a positive impact on the world, serve others, and honor God.  Those are lofty goals and I am hopeful that Linchpin People will be blessed with many years of striving to meet them. Happy Birthday!
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In the short time that I have been here, I feel a part of a family and not just an employee at a company. The people here are fantastic. I feel that the Linchpin family actually cares for me and my family and not just because I contribute to the bottom line. The people here are smart, really smart, but not even half as smart as the level of their kindness.

I am blessed to be here and know that God had his hands in this opportunity and for that I am thankful. Happy Birthday, and I’m so glad to be at the party!
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About 20 months ago, after working with Andy and Brian on a project, I was honored to be asked to join Linchpin People. When I said, “yes,” little did I know what a ride it would become.

It has been quite a blessing to watch Linchpin grow into what it is today.  I am in awe of the team that has been brought together, and I feel joy and gratitude to be a part of this great group.  God’s hand is felt every day in this adventure, and I look forward to what is yet to come.

Happy Birthday, Linchpin People!!!!   Here’s wishing you many, many more.​
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Happy Birthday Linchpin People!

As an independent consultant of almost twenty years, I was intrigued by a call I got one morning last spring, from Brian and Andy, about a project:  They wanted to “surface,” in a way visible to many within the organization, the massive data warehouse work they were doing for a client in New England.  Business Intelligence was in order, they proposed, and the client had agreed that such an initiative was well-timed.  Over the following several months, many successes ensued, and the chemistry between my skills (BI and my accounting and finance background) and the proven expertise of the database wellness, general relational development, ETL / SSIS and other areas of the team were demonstrated to be highly complementary. I am excited to be in the role of Group Principal for Business Analytics, and to be involved in building out another dimension of Linchpin People: a business intelligence practice to fill the needs of existing and new clients.

I have come to see Linchpin as a guild of craftsmen – an ecology of talent composed of some of the best SQL Server (and complementary disciplines) and general business skillsets available today, all combined in a single professional association.  All teammates and principals have been formally recognized as leaders within their respective disciplines, or they are well on their way to this distinction.  Most attractive is the critical mass that has resulted in this confederation of gifted practitioners:  the resulting capabilities of our organization far exceed the sum of its individual parts, as is evidenced in our efforts for clients and the community alike.

And best of all: Linchpin People is really just getting started …
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Approximately 2 years ago a formal announcement went out that I would become the first Linchpin People Teammate and join Andy, Brian and Mike in this venture called Linchpin People LLC.  Over the past two years we have added over a dozen Teammates, Group Principles, and I joined the ranks of becoming a Partner.  The past two years being associated with such an awesome group of technologist is incredibly humbling.  I am truly blessed and fortunate to call each associate of Linchpin a friend and colleague.
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Happy Birthday, Linchpin People! It’s an honor to be celebrating this birthday “from the inside” of Linchpin. About 2.5 years ago I remember talking to Andy and Brian about this crazy idea they had. Basically—a team of smart people—all smarter than I—working together to give real service to their customers. A network more than a consultancy. A place where we live up to Service 2240 in our daily lives and with our customers. Where we can give the best we can give, and then give a little more. They talked about investing in careers of others and helping to collectively raise the bar. It was about that time that I was thinking about going independent. They invested in me before I was even an LP’er and helped me get off on my own. It’s been an amazing journey so far. We’ve gone far with our WellDBA practice, and we keep bringing on top notch folks who are fun to work with.

Coincidentally, at the time this post goes live I’ll be in Ukraine with my wife finishing up the first of a few trips on an adoption journey there. Being a consultant and having a strong team in place at Linchpin has made it possible for me to go and know the level of service for my customers doesn’t change – even with the last minute nature of these trips. I love being a partner here, and I love the interaction and knowledge sharing that goes on behind the scenes and for our customers.

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