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We can help with any SQL Server related need you have. That’s right, anything…

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1) Experts across the entire Microsoft Data Platform.
2) The sense of liberation knowing your data is working for you.
e.g.: Linchping People can help with AnythingSQL.

You may have run across consulting companies over the years that say ‘sure, we can help with that’, no matter what the database problem entails.  Companies like that are comfortable stretching the truth of their capabilities to land a deal. We’re not willing to give a false perception, but, it’s still true that we can help with AnythingSQL. But isn’t that preposterous?

Our founders and core team have been doing SQL server work for 20 + years. Combined, we have decades of experience with Microsoft SQL Server.  Our rolodex includes pretty much anyone and everyone in the SQL community who is well known and awesome at what they do. Linchpin people isn’t just the best of the best though, we also keep an eye on the rising stars, who are awesome at what they do, but just not so famous yet.

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Senior DBA As a Service™

Imagine having access to world-class database talent…

What if this access was sustainably priced?
And what if it could scale on-demand to meet your organization’s needs?

Welcome to Senior DBA As a Service

  • Use our expertise to guide and mentor your IT team.
  • We scale with the organization when you need it, and only when you need it.
  • Cost-effective way to achieve peace of mind without breaking the bank.
  • DBA Service can be accessed on-demand and you only pay for the resources you use.
  • No single point of failure. Linchpin People’s entire team serves as your Sr. DBA.
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WellDBA Exam™

WellDBA transJust like it sounds – a thorough health and wellness examination of your SQL Server environment. Linchpin People will check over 80 critical points of your instances, their settings, how they are being managed, and their performance. We look at the critical issues you are suffering from now, but we also focus on systemic wellness for the future. Our people will ask you questions, talk to your team, and identify potential future problems or roadblocks. We make sure that your SQL Server environment is lined up properly for the future you expect out of it. Our process takes a little longer and digs a little deeper than the health checks some people perform, but don’t you think your databases and important information are worth the time and expertise?

WellDBA Exam™ + deep workload performance tuning analysis.

WellDBA IconSome customers are just looking for a quick checkup. Some customers need a much deeper investigation when they are having performance problems. In our deep workload analysis, we will perform our normal WellDBA Exam™, and also capture a tremendous amount of extra information from your servers. Using a variety of tools that we have written, as well as tools from leading ISVs that we partner with, we will take a highly detailed look at your SQL system performance. This add on to the core WellDBA Exam guarantees that we identify the root cause of your performance problems, or you won’t pay for the time.

Need help with your SQL Server Environment?

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WellDBA™ Virtualized SQL Server Efficiency Analysis

Today, most organizations understand the importance of implementing virtualization, and the role it plays in increasing ROI through server consolidation. Virtualization vastly speeds up the delivery of new servers in the enterprise, as well as enables increased availability and infrastructure flexibility. The Linchpin People efficiency analysis takes 40-45 hours for up to three SQL Server instances, and can be performed remotely, with some project phases needing to be completed on client site.

Virtualized SQL Efficiency Analysis Includes:

• Initial WellDBA™ exam looking at instance wide settings (not into Databases)
• Ensure compliance with best of breed SQL Server practices on VMware
• Review and validate infrastructure underneath SQL Server
• Infrastructure capacity review and analysis with benchmarking and baseline
• Virtualized SQL Server license efficiency analysis
• Identify Enterprise standards and best practices for backup, manageability and recoverability.

SQL Server virtualization

Hardware and VMware Improvement Plan

Linchpin People will deliver an informational document with our findings from the analysis. We will provide recommended actions to take to ensure long term success at the hardware and VMware level, and find ways to simplify your environment. This will include a high level environment “as built” document showing the SQL Server and virtualization layers. It will also outline potential changes to ensure that your company is being proactive about the issues that are causing you pain with regards to stability, recoverability, availability, and performance. Client has the option of hiring Linchpin People for assistance in implementation, or we can include an initial baseline of system metrics with documentation and knowledge on how to do this yourself with an internal team. Our VMware, Hyper-V and SQL Server experts will also schedule a meeting to walk you through the document, explain the findings, answer questions, and help you map out the move forward strategy that best fits your environment.

SQL Server Security

3d database with padlock security conceptData breaches are big news and can be a big expense to an organization. Our individual SQL Server security wellness check will take a look at an individual SQL Server installation. This is great for fixing symptoms and answering questions you might have right now and today. Questions like:

– “Who has access to the data?”
– “What kind of damage could an individual user do?”
– “Is my SQL Server protected from an attack?”
– “Do I need to encrypt this data?”

Our individual server checks help you answer these questions, but we go a step further by understanding the application(s) accessing the installation, the business needs and your usage of technology to help ask and answer the questions about tomorrow. We have a proactive focus and all of our security wellness experts are also coaches and we leave our knowledge with your staff at every engagement.

Are you worried about someone potentially getting to your data? How would proactively managing and monitoring your security posture help reassure your organization and its customers? Our Security Wellness experts are here to help through these services.

SQL Server Farm Security Wellness Check

In our experience, any time a network or systems audit is done, organizations discover that they have services and installations that they weren’t aware. Given the availability of SQL Server, especially through MSDN subscriptions and the like, we’ve often found SQL Server installed in places you wouldn’t expect and sometimes with data you really want secured. The danger is that an attacker is looking for just these kinds of unsecured installations to use as an entry point in order to begin infiltrating your environment.

Our Security Wellness experts will use both black box and white box penetration techniques to attempt to discover these type of installations in your environment. We’ll help you assess which of these installations are a cause for concern and might require an individual SQL Server Security Wellness Check. We’ll also work with you to develop methods to remove unwanted installations and put controls in place to help minimize their future occurrence. In addition, we’ll consider other places where your data is stored, such as where your database backups are kept, and what you may need to do to secure those stores.

As with the Individual SQL Server Security Wellness Checks, our security wellness experts are also coaches and we leave our knowledge with your staff at every engagement. This includes helping you develop the skills to understand and act on the information gathered and construct automation to perform the same types of scans and tests we perform as part of our engagement.

SQL Server Security Architecture Consulting

Are you building an application in house or bring a new third party offering into your environment? It can be a challenge to identify your pain points with regards to securing access to Microsoft SQL Server and to the data in particular. Our security wellness experts will help you pull apart the applicable parts of the application and its configuration in order to help you best secure that new system. We do this with an eye on your business needs, how you will use the data, and the limitations that may be imposed upon you by a vendor.

Our security wellness coaches will also work with your teams to leave our knowledge so that you may improve or develop processes that will allow your organization to better handle these types of decisions tomorrow.

Data Controls and Audit Consulting

Does there seem to be a gap between your auditors and your technical staff when it comes to SQL Server and data security? Our security wellness experts are well versed with working with both groups to ensure the most optimal controls to protect your organization. We’ll help the audit staff understand the technology options and capabilities you can bring to bear while we work with your technical staff to accomplish the types of processes that audit needs to see in place for the good of all. Our security wellness staff will also consider your business needs, potential limitations of personnel or technology, and how you use data within your environment to also utilize non-technical controls where appropriate.

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