Data Integration & ETL

SSIS and Data Integration

Linchpin People® specializes in ETL and data warehouse design using SSIS and SQL Server. Our team of SSIS architects and developers has combined decades of experience delivering solutions to medical, financial, education, and government enterprises. We tune SSIS solutions by employing best practices, applying design patterns, and bringing time-tested engineering methodologies to bear in your enterprise data integration environment. Our data integration architects have designed many SSIS design patterns in the data integration industry, including a specialized combination of design patterns that compose the Linchpin People® SSIS Framework.

SSIS Performance

Troubleshooting SSIS performance problems can be a complex undertaking. Linchpin People® has the knowledge and experience to assess and optimize SSIS processes by designing and applying non-invasive instrumentation to existing and new data integration solutions. Better performing SSIS packages benefit you by providing scalability and stability to your processes. We are different because we know the costs, benefits, and liabilities of consulting solutions (delivering fish) and self-sustainable enterprise solutions (delivering the ability to fish). We provide guidance that helps customers choose the best solution.

SSIS Best Practices

Implementing best practices can pay dividends in both the short and long term. Our list of best practices covers areas such as data flow performance, principles of package design, and data integration life cycle. Linchpin People® will identify gaps in your particular implementation(s) and recommend improvements. We’re awesome at this because our experience in the data integration field. Our data integration architects publish articles and books, and are sought-after speakers at seminars and conferences.

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